Our Story

ProMentor was created with a simple idea: We want to help every athlete unlock and maximize their potential.

We deliver on that commitment by creating a space where amateurs at every level can connect and interact one-on-one with a professional athlete. Through our immersive and beautifully designed app, our world-class athletes provide instruction, video analysis and motivation in a more accessible and efficient way.

Here, no one gets left behind. No matter your age or skill level, we can help you find the best athlete within you.


Chris Taylor

Brand Ambassador

Amanda Kessel

Brand Ambassador

Tanner Pearson

Brand Ambassador

Hannah Brandt

Brand Ambassador

Rachel Corsie

Brand Ambassador

Our Team

James Brown


Stan O'Day

President & COO

Cory Nadler

VP, Sales

Board Members

Rob Heiser

Co-Founder, Director Executive Chairman

David Coriat

Vice Chairperson, Director, Accenture, Sears, Citibank

Randy Myeroff

Investor & Director, CEO at Cohen & Company

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