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Hit your goals with the only immersive and live experience that connects you directly with your favorite athletes.

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Game-changing technology to transform your game

Designed for any skill level, ProMentor will match you with a mentor who can help you reach your goals and maximize your potential. Focus on a particular skill or strengthen your athletic mindset.

No pre-recorded workouts here. Book a session with a professional athlete and meet them inside the app for a virtual conversation about your game. Connect from anywhere, anytime.

Share your experience level, and we’ll recommend mentors who align to your skillset. We have dozens of pros who have played at every level and competed on the biggest stages. Connect with one and maintain an ongoing conversation with them through multiple sessions to develop a true mentor-mentee relationship.

Share a video highlighting an area where you want to improve and our pros will provide personalized feedback. Our in-app video technology allows our pros to dissect your performance and show you how to improve any aspect of your game, from your mechanics to how you’re reacting to your opponent.

Focus on a skill or get advice from a professional who has been in every situation that you’re going through. Our professionals offer sessions on everything from skill development and pregame rituals to your mental approach and engaging with college recruiters.

App Reviews

“ProMentor allowed our son to talk to Evan Bush from the Columbus Crew. Evan was excellent and asked where our son needed to improve. He then helped him with drills and game film.”

- Eric -

“My experience on ProMentor with Evan (Bush) was great. The app made it super easy to get my film to him. His insight as a pro helped me find holes in my play and grow as a keep after just a few sessions.”

- Zach -

“ProMentor is giving youth athletes the ability to have a personal coach on speed dial. The app makes it so easy to schedule a video call with (a pro) to show them clips from my games and more importantly ask questions!”

- Addi -