Our Mentor programs will maximize your team and players potential. Tailored to meet your teams needs promentor sets you apart from the competition.
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Game-changing technology to transform your team

Designed for any team level, ProMentor will match you with a mentor who can help you reach your teams goals and maximize your teams potential. Focus on skills or strengthen your teams athletic mindset.

Exclusive, annual relationship with a pro providing the most tailored experience including regular group, 1:1 and in-person interactions as well as team and player assessments. Billed annually.

Exclusive, season-long relationship with a pro providing tailored group and 1:1 interactions as well as player assessments. Billed monthly.

Event-long relationship with a pro providing tailored group interactions as well as hosted contests and performance-based giveaways. Billed one-time.

Camp-long relationship providing tailored group interactions as well as hosted contests, performance- based giveaways and discounted 1:1 interactions. Billed one-time.

Work with our program managers to determine the best custom program tailored to meet your specific needs. Pricing varies.


  • Player Development

  • Mental Strengthening

  • Accessibility & Adaptability

  • Camps & Tournaments

  • Recruitment & Retention

  • Professional Placement Support

  • College Placement Support

  • Resources

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App Reviews

“ProMentor is giving youth athletes the ability to have a personal coach on speed dial. The app makes it so easy to schedule a video call with (a pro) to show them clips from my games and more importantly ask questions!”

- Addi -

“A great app with an innovative way to get top notch coaching from those who have performed at the highest level!”

- Karl -

“ProMentor allowed our son to talk to Evan Bush from the Columbus Crew. Evan was excellent and asked where our son needed to improve. He then helped him with drills and game film.”

- Eric -